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Sara Y.
Los Angeles, CA

Came in for my first appointment this week and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Badri and her staff!! This is the first dentist I have been too that has actually taken the time to to go over all the treatment I need in detail. All of my past dentists just tell me what fillings I need and make the appointment. Dr. Badri takes the time to emphasize how important preventative care is. You could that she actually cared about the state of my teeth. Starting my Invisalign treatment in a couple weeks and I couldn't be more excited. For the first time, I left the dentist's office looking forward to coming back.


Joel W.
Los Angeles, CA

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Badri and her staff - they are truly wonderful. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Badri for about 2 years, and she's the only dentist I've ever had that I don't mind (and actually enjoy) going to. I've had a bunch of work done by her (cavities, invisalign, the usual cleaning/check up), so I've spent a lot of time in her office - and I have never had a bad experience. 

I'm moving away from Los Angeles this year, and I can honestly say I'm going to miss going here!

So thank you Dr. Badri for a wonderful dental experience, and I urge anyone in the area to go see her. You won't regret it!

Angela S.
Marina del Rey, CA

Dr. Badri is an angel! And a rock star on yelp. And she has earned it... she and her entire staff are ALL soo wondersful, kind, professional and capable.

Read all the other reviews - I will just be repeating the same wonderful positive comments. She is great - go today!

Courtney M.
Los Angeles, CA

It seems like simultaneously a brilliant idea and the worst idea ever to get a dentist recommendation from Yelp. These are your peers, they'll warn you away from an awful dentist...then again, would someone suggest you go to a negligent dentist just because said dentist said "Nah, no cavities here"? These are the thoughts running through my mind as I'm cruising Yelp for a dentist. But then I figure shoot, Yelp's never steered me wrong before and how much damage can one bad appointment do? Dr. Badri came highly recommended from here, obviously, and also took my insurance. Win, win, win-- I made an appointment.

I work at a law firm that does malpractice defense, so this recommendation isn't just because this is the nicest woman on the face of the earth, or because her staff is wonderful and helpful and actually have your best interest at heart (they seem to have figured out that happy patients make better patients-- and not to mention more dinero in the long run!), but because this woman is a GOOD dentist. My appointment was really great. Both Dr. Badri and her dental hygienist Cici checked in with me at every point possible to make sure that I was comfortable. Dr. Badri also identified a problem whose symptoms I've been dealing with for months (damn teeth grinding!) and immediately recommended I get a nightguard to make sure I didn't do any permanent damage to myself. She even made sure I got an appointment the next week so it gets done ASAP. AND she hugged me after my cleaning...essentially, best appointment ever. Oh also, they're really great at working with insurance here and will go out of their way to make sure you're as covered as possible and that you understand what in god's name the insurance companies are up to.

My only issue? I wish I'd found her sooner. I would recommend this woman to ANYONE. Some logistics: there's free parking underneath the shopping center. She's on the second floor. Waiting room is tiny but I mean...who really cares?

Christina Y.
Santa Monica, CA

A big thanks to Yelp for hooking me up with this wonderful dentist! From my first call, everyone I've dealt with at this office has been so incredibly sweet.

I came in on a Tuesday for a 2:15 appointment and was the only one waiting. I didn't get seated in the big chair until about 2:30 but that's because Dr. Badri and her assistant were still working on someone. They didn't acknowledge that they were behind or kept me waiting a bit, but honestly with the fresh stack of People magazines and the nice receptionist, I didn't really care at all.

First, I dealt with Cici  (not sure of the spelling there), the dental assistant. She took some x-rays and was super considerate while shoving those annoyingly sharp paper things in my mouth. I liked that she explained everything she was doing.

Soon after, I met Dr. Badri, who was warm and friendly from the get-go. She asked me a lot of questions about my history, lifestyle and habits, and was eager to answer all of my questions in real terms. After looking at my teeth, she let me know that she didn't love a crown I had from back in 2000 (none of my dentists do), but instead of pressuring me to get it changed she just said she'd keep an eye on it over future appointments because it didn't seem to be doing any harm right now.

Even though I'm a diligent tooth brusher and flosser, dentists always seem to make me feel guilty and ashamed of my shoddy habits. Not Dr. Badri. She's all about the positives, but without glossing over the stuff that needs to be talked about. She told me what to pay attention to, and what to work on, while telling me what looked good and didn't need any work.

Then came the cleaning. I've had a wide range of cleaning experiences, and this was among the top. She and her assistant are super gentle and don't go overboard on that awful scraping, and ask you throughout if you're comfortable. I like how they set up a system of letting them know when you need to pause (raise your left hand), because lots of dentists I have been to don't do that and then you just have to kind of whimper in an embarrassing way. She also didn't ask me questions while she had her hands in my mouth, something that my last dentist used to do and drive me crazy.

I'll be back in the office soon for an additional procedure and may have more insights then. But for now, I am so happy with Dr. Badri!

Katy C.
Topanga, CA

Dr. Badri and her staff are really terrific.  I haven't been to the dentist in years upon years.  I had a little trepidation about going after it had been so long due to the expectation that I would hear about the importance of visiting a dentist on a really regular basis.  Instead, they did not judge me or make me feel like a failure of a human!!  They are incredibly accommodating and really efficient.  Dr. Badri and her staff are excellent!

Robin G.
Marina del Rey, CA

I had been in LA for almost a year by the time I put the time into finding a new dentist, so I was nervous - knew I needed a cleaning pretty badly and I hate dentists. Thanks to yelp I found Dr. Badri and made an appointment. The cleaning was a little involved because I really needed it, but Dr. Badri did it herself and I really liked the kindness from the staff. Six months later I go for my next cleaning and it was a breeze. It's amazing how much easier it is when you go on time every six months (don't put it off)!

Even after two visits I feel like I am important and the staff cares about me. It's genuine and it's called customer service - something I am not used to after going to big dentist offices in the past where the receptionists stand around and gossip and you are just a file and an insurance claim they are irritated about looking up.

Dr. Badri's office is the complete opposite. I didn't know a small family feeling could be had from a dentist office! It reminds me of the dentist I went to as a child in a smaller town. And I can't think of a time the denitst herself ever did the cleaning.

I would also like to mention that my husband did not floss the first 35 years of his life until he met Dr. Badri and she actual took time to explain everything and show him what was happening to his teeth. For this alone she deserves 5 stars.

The location is upstairs at a 2 story strip mall and the sign says DENTIST in big letters. Parking is underneath. It was a little hard for me to find because I was looking for a more traditional office building or medical building. Don't let the low key location put you off. Professionals all the way.